EMCR Speaker Series: Communicating Science and Risk with Dr. Brianne Suldovsky and Dr. Lauren Frank 4/8

In an era of climate change and global pandemics, engaging the public with environmental and health risks has never been more important. The first talk will cover the basics of risk communication, including how publics perceive risks and best practices in risk communication. The second talk will highlight risk communication during COVID-19 and the role of entertainment education in reaching public audiences.

“Communicating Science and Risk”

Dr. Nishishiba photo

Dr. Brianne Suldovsky is an Assistant Professor in Communication at Portland State University who specializes in science communication and public engagement. Her research examines public engagement with scientific and environmental issues including climate change, air pollution, and biotechnology.

“Communicating Health and Risk”

Dr. Ito photo

As an Associate Professor in Communication, Dr. Lauren Frank specializes in public health, mass media, and risk communication. She collaborates with multiple non-profit organizations on public health campaigns, and her research examines how social interactions affect health choices. She co-edited Entertainment Education Behind the Scenes: Case Studies in Theory and Practice, due out this month.

Upcoming “Toward Resilient Futures” Events:

  • May 6th at 12 pm “Towards Resilient Futures” with Vivek Shandas, PSU, Urban Studies and Planning
  • June 10th at 12 pm “Building Resilient and Egalitarian Cities After Mega-Disasters: Lessons from Manilla” with Jola Ajibade, PSU, Geography Department and “Resilience: An Evaluation Thinking Perspective” with Eric Einspruch, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health
  • September 30th at 12 pm “Resilient Water Governance” with Alida Cantor, PSU Geography Department, and “Flood Resilience in the Anthropocene” with Heejun Chang, PSU Geography Department

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