Kenyan Rift Valley

Keekyonkie Maasai and Okiek (Dorobo) Ethnobiological Knowledge in Oloor Karian/Hell’s Gate National Park, Kenya

Project Duration: 1997-98, 2000

This project was a partnership between the University of Minnesota and the international non-governmental organization Cultures and Communications. My component focused on Keekonyokie Maasai and Dorobo ethnobiological knowledge inside and around the protected area collected over an eleven-month period. In 2000-01, this information was communicated to the public through a multi-platform CD-ROM and museum displays in Han-Sur-Lesse, Belgium. The associated exhibition received nearly one-million visitors over a two-year period. Revenue from the project was used to support development projects on Keekonyokie Maasai lands adjacent to the protected area. It also aimed to reintroduce the public to the Maasai in a contemporary context.